Puppy Brunch – November 2016

November 11, 2016

What is Puppy Brunch?

Weekend family brunches are all about family time so why leave our furry family behind? Pets in the City and Urban Bistro offer the opportunity to have your family brunch while your pampered pooches have their own brunch! And don’t gorget to get a mani/pedi or hair brushing at the same time!

Don’t forget to check out the Puppy Brunch photos in the gallery.

Important points

To ensure both humans and puppies are happy brunchers please ensure the following:

1. Puppies should be with their owners on a leash or in your arms; they are the responsibility of their family who must be present at all times
2. Human Brunch is a la carte, or from Urban Bistro weekend brunch menu
3. Please do not enter the building with your puppies, but join us on the sunshine terrace by walking around the CNN Building
4. In the interest of safety, please be sure that your puppy socialises well with other puppies
5. There is no age restrictions for pups 🙂
6. Make sure you book to avoid disappointment, if you are 15 mins late we may need to give your table to someone else.

We can’t wait for our next barking mad Brunch!