Mobile Pet Grooming in Dubai

October 26, 2017

Pets In The City provide one of the best mobile pet grooming in Dubai. Our professionals travel to your premises to give your pet convenient grooming .

What is a professional mobile pet grooming?

Fully equipped and customized grooming vans drive up to your doorstep to take care of your pet’s grooming requirements. The vans are self-contained and have all the necessary tools to provide your pets with safe, quality service. Our groomers are certified professionals and we come to your home or office to provide personal care and attention to your pets.

There are several benefits of mobile pet grooming:

  • It avoids the stress of travel for both you and your pet

  • You don’t have to deal with cages

  • The pet remains safe from exposure to diseases, infections, and parasites that it may otherwise get when it comes into contact with other animals

  • Highly sanitized, safe and healthy environment

  • The use of tranquilizers is avoided

  • Best suited for senior pets

  • Appointments can be granted even on weekends

  • Eliminate the separation anxiety from pets by staying with them during the session

  • Even if you are out of town your pet can be groomed

The vehicles:

The vans are completely air-conditioned, well-furnished with inverters and also come with a substantial freshwater reservoir for washing.

With mobile pet grooming, pets get individualized and undivided attention during the entire session. You do not have to rearrange your schedule to fit the pet’s grooming session at a salon.

Pets In The City provide full grooming, mini grooming, baths & brush mobile or in store pet grooming services. We use quality soaps and shampoos for the pets’ baths and special treatments like flea & tick, de-shedding, dry-shampooing, medicated shampoos are also available along with nail trims and nail grinding. Pets in the City are proud to be Dubai’s leading grooming company known famously as The Groomers.

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