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In-Store Grooming

For some Pets – going to a Groomer is like Humans going to a Dentist, hence we try to make their grooming session as fun as possible.

Our groomers are ‘Pet Whisperers’ and they can actually soothe ‘the savage beast’. Your Pet albeit being the perfectly best mannered boy/girl they are, will feel an entire bliss in our Groomers’ hands.

‘The Tub’ has been designed to reflect tubs at home – this creates another point of comfort for your loved one as a point of Home – recognition.

The hydraulic Grooming table has specifically a top rubber layer rather than wood or metal you may find in other stores. This again ensures a comfortable grooming experience for your family member and ensures best results.

Prices vary depending on breed sizes.

For more information, call 04 458 0091.