Doggy Day Care in Dubai

December 18, 2017

Call Pets In The City to give your dog a fun day out and a frolic time with our Doggy Day Care in Dubai. We provide an outdoor doggy play area under the constant supervision of a certified staff member your pet can run and play free.

When you are out at work, your pup could be left feeling all alone. One of the best solutions to this problem is the day care. The Doggy Day Care service has several other advantages other than relieving the pet of boredom. It helps the dog with exercise, socialization, and a supervised playtime.

The benefits:

Socialization and exercising: The dog can express normal behavior with extended play times throughout the day. It will learn to interact and socialize with other dogs. The constant play also gives the pet a good exercise and helps maintain a healthy weight.

Relieves separation anxiety: The dogs tend to stay all alone after the owner has gone away to work. At the day care, the staff members constantly interact with the pets. The human contact relieves the pet’s anxiety of separation from the owner.

Playtime supervision: Experienced day care staff are familiar with play between dogs and oversee the playtime of the pet.

Crating is a bad idea: Most owners agree that leaving the dog crated while they are away at work is a bad idea. At the same time, not utilizing a crate can stimulate destructive behaviors in the canine when it is alone. It would only be best to send the doggy to a day care to give it plenty of stimulation.

Pets In The City provide premier Doggy Day Care in Dubai. It is one of the most recommended solutions for busy pet owners. The dog is well-entertained and well taken care of while the owner is away. Our certified counselors are extensively trained in CPR, and first aid requirements for pets.

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