Dog Groomers in Dubai

November 20, 2017

Pets In The City are one of the best dog groomers in Dubai. Our safety-certified dog stylists provide both in-store and mobile dog grooming services.

Grooming is a basic service that you have to provide for your dog regularly. It is also considered as a vital part of dog ownership. Like humans, dogs would like to feel and look their best too. It is up to the owners to gauge how much grooming their pets require. At the same, any condition of the nails, skin, and ear identified during grooming, should be attended to by a veterinarian immediately.

As a crucial aspect of health and maintenance of the dog, it is imperative that they are groomed. Though much of the grooming depends upon the age and breed of the dog, grooming can drastically improve its health and keeps the dog comfortable. Where most of the dogs do shed profusely, others don’t but invariably need professional grooming regularly.

Benefits of daily dog grooming by a professional:

There are several advantages of utilizing professional dog grooming services:

  • The dog has a healthy coat and skin

  • The pet not just looks great but also smells great

  • Healthy foot structure along with a good posture of the dog is maintained with regular nail trims; trimming the nails can also reduce the chances of infection

  • Regular professional grooming facilitates the early detection of any problems with the ears, nose, teeth, etc.

  • There is less shedding with shiny and appropriately brushed coats

Regular professional grooming services by Pets In The City include:

  • Bathing – The dogs are either doused in a bucket or container of water or sprayed with a hand-held shower; they are bathed in warm water after being completely brushed first. We usually use shampoo mixed with water. Otherwise, it might get a little strong for the dog.

  • Removing unwanted hairs – Many breeds need trimming and cutting regularly. Some hair removals are practically motivated while others are style-oriented

  • Nail trimming – If the dog’s nails grow beyond a limit, then they tend to curl over and walking becomes painful for the pet. The nails can also pierce the paw pad if they are allowed to overgrow.

There are also other services provided such as creative grooming (which actually conforms to the breed) and retailing. Contact Pets In The City, one of the leading dog groomers in Dubai.

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