Cat grooming services in Dubai

January 18, 2018

Pets in the City offer cat grooming services in Dubai to make your feline not just look her best but feel good too. If you have watched your cats washing themselvesmany times a day it is because they love to be groomed and stay clean.

We believe that a well-groomed pet is always happy and healthy. Pets in the City employs some of the best cat groomers in Dubai to keep your pet comfortable and feeling clean. We also make grooming sessions for your pet as enjoyable as possible. However, you must ensure that the sessions are carried out when the cat is relaxed. Make sure the cat has exercised or eaten well so that their grooming times are positive.

When you start a grooming session, initially, it should not last more than 10 or 15 minutes. The grooming time has to be gradually widened. You may also want to cut the session short if the cat seems extremely stressed out. Some grooming services you should carry out for your pet are:

  • Regular brushing sessions will keep the pet’s hair in good condition since the dirt and oil from her coat is washed away. The cat’s skin is free of any tangles and irritation.
  • Bathing the cat should also remove any grime or smell that she might have.
  • We clip the pet’s nails using high-quality scissors while carefully avoiding the veins. Trimming the nails is an essential part of the cat’s hygiene routine.

For all your cat grooming services in Dubai it is best to consider professionals because we know exactly how to handle your pet and keep her healthy. We make sure that the pet’s hair is cut short once a month or if you wish to maintain long hair then the cat’s coat should be brushed every other day to avoid tangles. Giving your feline a few treats after every grooming session will make it look forward to the next one.

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