Get the best cat grooming Dubai

October 23, 2017

There are not just one, but many reasons why you should consider providing your cat with professional grooming. Contact Pets In The City to provide you with the best cat grooming Dubai session.

Cats may be fastidious. They do spend a lot of time cleaning up all by themselves. But a regular external appointment helps remove all the fleas, mats and other infections in their body and ensures a healthy coat for the feline. It reduces shedding besides making it easy for the owner to keep a close eye on its health.

There are certain levels of grooming that is tolerated by each cat. Professional cat groomers at Pets In The City perform excellent grooming sessions.

If your cat has not been groomed yet, it is best to start now and slowly. Brush the cat’s coat every day for a few minutes, then gradually prolonging it to longer stretches. You should also ensure that it is in a good mood for the grooming. Professional cat groomers can also help the cat get used to grooming sessions carefully.

Here are some of the services offered for cat grooming, Dubai:

  • Brush the hair coat properly to remove any dead hairs

  • Undercoat is removed with the help of a Deshedding tool

  • The fur is combed gently to untangle it – some of it is shaved off if necessary

  • A flea comb is utilized to check for pests and fleas

  • You can also give it a short haircut, in which case brushing the coat once a week should suffice – if the hair is long, it has to be brushed every other day

  • The cat is given a good scrub and a bath – they are coaxed gently by our professionals

  • Its nails are clipped as part of the grooming session – if the cat is not used to cutting its nails, the professionals will gradually handle their feet, till they get used to it – we may have more than one groomer here, if required – one to hold the cat, and the other to cut the nails

Cats are given treats after the grooming session and that is why they always look forward to the next one. Book a cat grooming Dubai today at Pets In The City.

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