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Day Care & Boarding

Pets In the City, the best dog boarding Dubai, offers day-boarding services for your pets. We all have hectic lifestyles whilst living in such a fast paced environment – but our loved ones don’t have to suffer!

Our daycare facility has been designed so your pet has not only space to play, but also to rest.

The guest will be provided constant water, toys, food (as often and brand you specify) and regular walks through their stay. Additionally, something we provide which you might not find in other busy street grooming shops is we have developed a green garden area right in front of the shop that allows your dog to play in nature, which he or she might only know from your garden at home.

You might just need to run small rounds or attend longer meetings – we at Pets in the City have created packages that suit every lifestyle. We don’t believe in charging enormous amounts when you just need to pop into the Bank and get some grocery.

Ie. Your dog stays for free with us for anything up to 1 hour

For more information, call 04 458 0091.