Cat grooming services in Dubai

Pets in the City offer cat grooming services in Dubai to make your feline not just look her best but feel good too. If you have watched your cats washing themselvesmany times a day it is because they love to be groomed and stay clean.

We believe that a well-groomed pet is always happy and healthy. Pets in the City employs some of the best cat groomers in Dubai to keep your pet comfortable and feeling clean. We also make grooming sessions for your pet as enjoyable as possible. However, you must ensure that the sessions are carried out when the cat is relaxed. Make sure the cat has exercised or eaten well so that their grooming times are positive.

When you start a grooming session, initially, it should not last more than 10 or 15 minutes. The grooming time has to be gradually widened. You may also want to cut the session short if the cat seems extremely stressed out. Some grooming services you should carry out for your pet are:

  • Regular brushing sessions will keep the pet’s hair in good condition since the dirt and oil from her coat is washed away. The cat’s skin is free of any tangles and irritation.
  • Bathing the cat should also remove any grime or smell that she might have.
  • We clip the pet’s nails using high-quality scissors while carefully avoiding the veins. Trimming the nails is an essential part of the cat’s hygiene routine.

For all your cat grooming services in Dubai it is best to consider professionals because we know exactly how to handle your pet and keep her healthy. We make sure that the pet’s hair is cut short once a month or if you wish to maintain long hair then the cat’s coat should be brushed every other day to avoid tangles. Giving your feline a few treats after every grooming session will make it look forward to the next one.

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Doggy Day Care in Dubai

Call Pets In The City to give your dog a fun day out and a frolic time with our Doggy Day Care in Dubai. We provide an outdoor doggy play area under the constant supervision of a certified staff member your pet can run and play free.

When you are out at work, your pup could be left feeling all alone. One of the best solutions to this problem is the day care. The Doggy Day Care service has several other advantages other than relieving the pet of boredom. It helps the dog with exercise, socialization, and a supervised playtime.

The benefits:

Socialization and exercising: The dog can express normal behavior with extended play times throughout the day. It will learn to interact and socialize with other dogs. The constant play also gives the pet a good exercise and helps maintain a healthy weight.

Relieves separation anxiety: The dogs tend to stay all alone after the owner has gone away to work. At the day care, the staff members constantly interact with the pets. The human contact relieves the pet’s anxiety of separation from the owner.

Playtime supervision: Experienced day care staff are familiar with play between dogs and oversee the playtime of the pet.

Crating is a bad idea: Most owners agree that leaving the dog crated while they are away at work is a bad idea. At the same time, not utilizing a crate can stimulate destructive behaviors in the canine when it is alone. It would only be best to send the doggy to a day care to give it plenty of stimulation.

Pets In The City provide premier Doggy Day Care in Dubai. It is one of the most recommended solutions for busy pet owners. The dog is well-entertained and well taken care of while the owner is away. Our certified counselors are extensively trained in CPR, and first aid requirements for pets.

Most pet-friendly places in Dubai

Dubai has not always been known as pet friendly however times have brought about a fresh change. Pleasantly one can now find many residential areas across Dubai that have happy pet owners living there.

Jumeirah; One of the oldest residential areas of Dubai, is very pet friendly, with many veterinary clinics and restaurants that allow pet owners to visit with their pets. Larger breeds with the likes of Labradors, German Shepherds and Retrievers are often seen in and around the area.

Motor City and Discovery Gardens area also loved by dog owners as they enable them to walk their pets freely.

Emirates hills, Springs, and Arabian Ranches provide ample running grounds with fresh air and green nature for the four legged furry friends.

The Greens is famously a dog-friendly neighborhood. With a playground, pedestrian walkways, several lakes, doggie waste bins along the routes make this area very popular among dog-lovers.

JLT or Jumeirah Lake Towers is another such ideal locality. Built for communities due to it’s countless leisure and recreational activities and an abundance of hospitality, dining, retail, child care and other outdoor activities. Many landlords accommodate tenants with pets. And pet walking along the lakes is a common sight whilst making stops at the cafes in the area.

Jumeirah Lake Towers gets its name because it is built along the edges of three artificial lakes. The Pets In The City store is also located next to Almas Towers in JLT.

Next time you are visiting JLT feel free to bring your four-legged companion for his day out with the family in JLT.

Dog Groomers in Dubai

Pets In The City are one of the best dog groomers in Dubai. Our safety-certified dog stylists provide both in-store and mobile dog grooming services.

Grooming is a basic service that you have to provide for your dog regularly. It is also considered as a vital part of dog ownership. Like humans, dogs would like to feel and look their best too. It is up to the owners to gauge how much grooming their pets require. At the same, any condition of the nails, skin, and ear identified during grooming, should be attended to by a veterinarian immediately.

As a crucial aspect of health and maintenance of the dog, it is imperative that they are groomed. Though much of the grooming depends upon the age and breed of the dog, grooming can drastically improve its health and keeps the dog comfortable. Where most of the dogs do shed profusely, others don’t but invariably need professional grooming regularly.

Benefits of daily dog grooming by a professional:

There are several advantages of utilizing professional dog grooming services:

  • The dog has a healthy coat and skin

  • The pet not just looks great but also smells great

  • Healthy foot structure along with a good posture of the dog is maintained with regular nail trims; trimming the nails can also reduce the chances of infection

  • Regular professional grooming facilitates the early detection of any problems with the ears, nose, teeth, etc.

  • There is less shedding with shiny and appropriately brushed coats

Regular professional grooming services by Pets In The City include:

  • Bathing – The dogs are either doused in a bucket or container of water or sprayed with a hand-held shower; they are bathed in warm water after being completely brushed first. We usually use shampoo mixed with water. Otherwise, it might get a little strong for the dog.

  • Removing unwanted hairs – Many breeds need trimming and cutting regularly. Some hair removals are practically motivated while others are style-oriented

  • Nail trimming – If the dog’s nails grow beyond a limit, then they tend to curl over and walking becomes painful for the pet. The nails can also pierce the paw pad if they are allowed to overgrow.

There are also other services provided such as creative grooming (which actually conforms to the breed) and retailing. Contact Pets In The City, one of the leading dog groomers in Dubai.

Pet Accessories in Dubai

Get some of the best pet accessories in Dubai from We are a leading pet care, mobile grooming, in-store grooming, day care and boarding service providers in the UAE.

Retail stores for pets consist of a wide range of products for your pets’ needs. You can get everything, foods, clothing, toys, beddings and much more. All accessories are meant to keep your pet comfortable and happy. If you are welcoming a puppy into the household, here are some essentials that you must have:

Bowls: Water and food bowls are important so that the pet can feed conveniently. They should be made of stainless steel or ceramic so that the puppy does not chew on it. The size matters too. If the bowl is too large, the little one may not be able to reach out to all the food and will end up not eating properly.

Beds: A bed that perfectly fits the puppy can help it nap or sleep. You can create a nice and cozy place that makes the puppy feel secure.

The food: Puppy food should be high-quality and should be designed according to the nutritional needs of the growing dog. There is a particular duration of time up to which you may have to feed the puppy. Check with the veterinarian.

The leash: Sometimes called the lead, this maintains your connectivity to the dog. It is a safety line that keeps the pet out of harm’s way. The leash also helps potty train and guide the puppy away from unnecessary distractions. Walks around the neighborhood with the leash are extremely important as it is a time for human-dog bonding.

Chew toys: The puppy is growing, and would like to play and chew on toys. This is essential because of the teething process, which causes a lot of itching. Dogs find relief by chewing on stuff.

The other important accessories that are recommended for your dog are crate, identification tag, grooming supplies and treats.

Visit for some premiere pet accessories in Dubai.

Mobile Pet Grooming in Dubai

Pets In The City provide one of the best mobile pet grooming in Dubai. Our professionals travel to your premises to give your pet convenient grooming .

What is a professional mobile pet grooming?

Fully equipped and customized grooming vans drive up to your doorstep to take care of your pet’s grooming requirements. The vans are self-contained and have all the necessary tools to provide your pets with safe, quality service. Our groomers are certified professionals and we come to your home or office to provide personal care and attention to your pets.

There are several benefits of mobile pet grooming:

  • It avoids the stress of travel for both you and your pet

  • You don’t have to deal with cages

  • The pet remains safe from exposure to diseases, infections, and parasites that it may otherwise get when it comes into contact with other animals

  • Highly sanitized, safe and healthy environment

  • The use of tranquilizers is avoided

  • Best suited for senior pets

  • Appointments can be granted even on weekends

  • Eliminate the separation anxiety from pets by staying with them during the session

  • Even if you are out of town your pet can be groomed

The vehicles:

The vans are completely air-conditioned, well-furnished with inverters and also come with a substantial freshwater reservoir for washing.

With mobile pet grooming, pets get individualized and undivided attention during the entire session. You do not have to rearrange your schedule to fit the pet’s grooming session at a salon.

Pets In The City provide full grooming, mini grooming, baths & brush mobile or in store pet grooming services. We use quality soaps and shampoos for the pets’ baths and special treatments like flea & tick, de-shedding, dry-shampooing, medicated shampoos are also available along with nail trims and nail grinding. Pets in the City are proud to be Dubai’s leading grooming company known famously as The Groomers.

Get the best cat grooming Dubai

There are not just one, but many reasons why you should consider providing your cat with professional grooming. Contact Pets In The City to provide you with the best cat grooming Dubai session.

Cats may be fastidious. They do spend a lot of time cleaning up all by themselves. But a regular external appointment helps remove all the fleas, mats and other infections in their body and ensures a healthy coat for the feline. It reduces shedding besides making it easy for the owner to keep a close eye on its health.

There are certain levels of grooming that is tolerated by each cat. Professional cat groomers at Pets In The City perform excellent grooming sessions.

If your cat has not been groomed yet, it is best to start now and slowly. Brush the cat’s coat every day for a few minutes, then gradually prolonging it to longer stretches. You should also ensure that it is in a good mood for the grooming. Professional cat groomers can also help the cat get used to grooming sessions carefully.

Here are some of the services offered for cat grooming, Dubai:

  • Brush the hair coat properly to remove any dead hairs

  • Undercoat is removed with the help of a Deshedding tool

  • The fur is combed gently to untangle it – some of it is shaved off if necessary

  • A flea comb is utilized to check for pests and fleas

  • You can also give it a short haircut, in which case brushing the coat once a week should suffice – if the hair is long, it has to be brushed every other day

  • The cat is given a good scrub and a bath – they are coaxed gently by our professionals

  • Its nails are clipped as part of the grooming session – if the cat is not used to cutting its nails, the professionals will gradually handle their feet, till they get used to it – we may have more than one groomer here, if required – one to hold the cat, and the other to cut the nails

Cats are given treats after the grooming session and that is why they always look forward to the next one. Book a cat grooming Dubai today at Pets In The City.

Article – Pets in the UAE


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